• Kitty Campbell

    Executive Director

    Kitty Campbell joined Leadership Lafayette in 2012 and is a longtime member of the Greater Lafayette Community.

    Born in Illinois, Kitty studied Music at Millikin University, Arts Administration at Indiana University, and received her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Purdue University, focusing her research on Human Factors in Aviation and Sociolinguistics.

    Kitty has served as a visiting professor and adjunct faculty for Purdue Polytechnic, Design, Art, & Performance, and Ivy Tech Community College School of Business. She continues to share her expertise as an educational leadership presenter and facilitator.

    The Arts are a personal passion, including ongoing performances as a jazz musician. Kitty  is a member and Past Vice President of the Indiana Leadership Association, a member of the Association of Leadership Programs, and a nonprofit organization associate-member of the Association of Women Business Owners.

  • Madison Walker

    Program Assistant

    Madison Walker joined Leadership Lafayette in 2022.

    Born and raised in Lafayette, Madison is pursuing a marketing degree with a certificate in entrepreneurship from Krannert School of Business at Purdue University.

    Her long term career goals include helping small businesses and local entrepreneurs develop brand awareness and social media presence to grow their businesses in Greater Lafayette and beyond. She personally developed Made X Madison, an Etsy shop specializing in accessories and musical equipment including ukulele straps and headstock straps.

    Madison and her husband Tyler enjoy serving youth in their local church and providing music for the Worship Team at Crestview Community Church.

  • Kate Rocheford

    Marketing Communications Specialist

    Kate Rocheford joined Leadership Lafayette in 2022.

    Born in Iowa, raised in Illinois, and now enjoying adulthood in Indiana, Kate is convinced that she is destined to spend her retirement in Idaho.

    As the owner of Rocheford Marketing, Kate is a curious creative with a passion for driving growth through strategic marketing. She is proud to be on the Leadership Lafayette team to help share the journey of each new class of participants.

    When Kate isn’t crunching analytics, weaving copy, or polishing digital profiles she is likely to be camping with her husband in their teardrop camper.

  • Ashley Brost

    Event Coordinator

    Born and raised in Indiana,  Ashley studied business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship at Purdue Global.  She is the owner of Luva Events based out of Benton County.  Her company specializes in wedding and event planning and management services.


    Ashley is a member and currently serves as the Vice President of Communications for the Association of Women Business Owners and is also a member of the Benton County Cookie Jar.

Current Board of Directors

  • President

    Terry Gilbert Class 47
    Purdue University

  • Vice President

    Nate Hedrick Class 51
    Main Street Manufacturing

  • Secretary

    Kim Kallok Class 48
    SDI Innovations

  • Treasurer

    Blake Schoen Class 46
    Hoosier Associates

  • Assistant Treasurer

    Steven Sinclair Class 50

  • Megan Cabral Class 51
    FIRST Indiana Robotics

  • Megan Eberly Class 48
    Purdue University

  • Megan Martin Class 48

  • Jason McManus Class 47
    Wabash Center

  • Molly Milcarek Class 48
    Purdue Federal Credit Union

  • Abby Pyer Class 52

  • Abe Zaragoza Class 52
    Purdue University

Past Board Members

  • Michael Adler
  • Tony Albrecht
  • Mary Ilu Altman
  • Jesse Andrew
  • Mal Applegate
  • Judith Austin
  • Jud Barce
  • Robin Bellinger
  • Vincent Bertram
  • Marvin Blade
  • Jim Bodenmiller
  • Mike Boebinger
  • Mary Bonhomme
  • Joe Bonner
  • Sana Booker
  • Jason Boron
  • Stephanie Bossung
  • William Bottomley
  • Linda Bowman
  • Jeff Brown
  • Donald Buchman
  • Linda Buehler
  • Marti Burns
  • Kyle Bymaster
  • Stan Calderon
  • David Coakes
  • John Corey
  • Richard Cupka
  • Kathy Dale
  • Margaret Darrall
  • Darrell Davies
  • Amy Davis
  • Lisa Decker
  • Jen Dekker
  • Betty Doversberger
  • Laura Downey
  • Lyn Doyle
  • Michelle Duffy
  • Jen Edwards
  • Tom Eggleston
  • Mark Ehrlich
  • Marc Elliott
  • Susan Everett
  • Jilian Ferguson
  • Bob Ford
  • Dick Forsythe
  • Tom Freeman
  • Mary Fuqua
  • Albert Furlani
  • John Garman
  • Bill Gettings
  • Velicia Glass
  • Jill Gough
  • Scott Greeson
  • Bob Griffiths
  • Doug Gutridge
  • Butch Hancock
  • Jim Hanks
  • Nancy Hathaway
  • Trish Hauber
  • Gary Henriott
  • Jerry Hogue
  • Dave Howarth
  • David Huhnke
  • Dick Jaeger
  • Bob Jeffares
  • Judith Johnson
  • Alan Karpick
  • Lindsey Kilty
  • Gordon Kingma
  • Jim Klusman
  • Richard Kocerha
  • Vince Kochert
  • Pam Krehnbrink
  • Connie Lagally
  • Gerry Landis
  • Robert Langford
  • David Lasater
  • Jeff Love
  • Pat MacDonald
  • Jim MacDonald
  • Javier Magallanes
  • Levon Mathews
  • Anita McGaughey
  • David McGaughey
  • Eric Meister
  • Janet Metzinger
  • Rebecca Miller
  • Jim Mills
  • Charlene Moore-Hayes
  • Pam Morris
  • Lee Morrison
  • John Morton
  • Tom Murtaugh
  • Pete Neisel
  • Betty Nelson
  • Richard Okello
  • Karen Orr
  • Mary Ostrye
  • Beth Paddack-Watts
  • Julie Paolillo
  • Tina Parker
  • John Percifield
  • Rita Pickering
  • Tim Powers
  • Mary Reece
  • Lauren Reising Motuliak
  • James Remick
  • Sue Reser
  • Linda Rhorman
  • Harlen Richards
  • Jim Risk
  • Kristy Robb
  • Becky Robledo
  • Scott Rumble
  • John Sautter
  • Jim Schrader
  • John Schurz
  • Sarah Schwarz
  • Joe Seaman
  • Charlie Shook
  • Christy Smith
  • Dana Smith
  • Rita Smith
  • Jim Smyth
  • Liz Solberg
  • Bob Sorensen
  • Dave Sorg
  • Debra Spesard
  • Eileen Steele
  • Janet Stroud
  • Gary Suisman
  • Dave Teeter
  • Renee Thomas
  • Steve Thompson
  • Terry Timmons
  • Beverly Treece
  • Kip Treece
  • Joanne Troutner
  • Bob Truitt
  • Dawnetta Van Dunk
  • Tim Vander Plaats
  • Robert Vanderipe
  • Lucia Vela
  • Candiss Vibbert
  • Nancy Wada-Mckee
  • Gary Wagenheim
  • Jason Ware
  • Lois Wark
  • Bob Weeder
  • Bob Whistel
  • Pam Whitton
  • David Williams
  • Joanne Willis
  • John Willis
  • Chuck Wise
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